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Skinny Dog 0

Fattening Up Skinny Dog

© by Bree Weasner, LLC A question that is asked of us many times is why their dog just can’t seem to gain weight. Just recently, we were contacted by an owner of a...

Pet Sitter and Vacations 0

Pet Sitting and Vacations

© by Bree Weasner, LLC So often, we are asked by concerned pet parents how to go about finding someone they can trust, to come into their homes while they go on vacation,...

Lyme Disease Borrelia Spirochete 0

Lyme Disease in Dogs

Lyme Disease in Dogs © by Bree Weasner, LLC Lyme Disease, not to be confused with Lyme’s Disease, is caused by bacterium (spirochete) named Borrelia. This bacterium is transmitted to dogs via tick bite....