New Lamb and Rice Dog Food for All Ages

Introducing our new Lamb & Rice formula dog food, formulated for ALL ages from puppies to seniors.

Loved by dogs of all ages and those with sensitive stomachs, our formula contains robust protein from lamb, eggs, whitefish and flaxseed. The enticing aroma will catch their attention, and the crave-worthy taste will keep them coming back mealtime after mealtime.

Advanced Gut Health System

We believe that the key to overall wellness starts in the gut. Designed to perfectly complement Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Recipe dog food and the probiotics in it, our specialized proprietary prebiotic and fiber blend was crafted to encourage a stronger, more diverse microbiome.

This helpful population in the gut is dependent on the food the body takes in, and in return provides immune-boosting support, aids in the uptake of nutrients and fosters healthy digestion from start to finish. You will see the benefits in their healthy coat, bright eyes and even in their waste.

Made for dogs of all ages, this recipe contains only the finest ingredients, like …
• Ingredients that sensitive dogs appreciate
• Wholesome proteins with a flavor dogs crave
• Our custom prebiotic fiber blend
• Guaranteed species-specific probiotics
• Nutritious fruits and vegetables
• No chicken-based ingredients
• No soy, corn or wheat

Learn more here:

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