Epilepsy & Seizures Causes and Treatment

Epilepsy/Seizures – Causes, Predisposing Factors and Treatment

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Epilepsy is a non-diagnosis. It is a term used to mean “fits” (or seizures) due to unknown reasons. The term epilepsy is used when available laboratory tests cannot account for the abnormal clinical signs. Causes of seizures are very often not known, but can be due to metabolic abnormalities, low calcium in lactating animals and low sugar in puppies and kittens; toxins (internal or external), tumors, central nervous system inflammation, injury, malformations and food poisonings. Most commonly, seizures in younger and middle-aged animals are due to parasites combined with a poor diet.

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  1. Hilary Cockburn says:

    I have a GSD who is almost 3 yrs and has had 2 siezures. I have now discovered that his sire was epileptic and have been told that epilepsy is only passed on if both parents carry it? We are waiting to see how often the siezures come before deciding on medication. I was very interested to read about natural help for this condition. It is quite a shock to discover that one has an epileptic doggy friend, but after a few days I dealt with it and decided to learn as much as I can about the condition. Thank you for this article. Hilary

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