How Fresh is Your Pet’s Food, Really?

Did you know that most commercial pet foods sit in trailers for up to 18 months, without climate or rodent control, before they are even delivered to the retailers? This is an industry standard too, and totally archaic! Think about this as you’re driving to your local pet store, to pick up the next bag of food you’ll be feeding your pet, the one who depends on YOU to live a long, healthy and happy life!

Life’s Abundance guarantees that when our pet food is delivered to your door, it is NO older than 6 weeks…sometimes less. We even mark the bag with the date the food was made. Aside from home cooking for your pet, our pet food and pet products are the freshest in the world, and SAFE too! Our mission is to help pets live a longer and healthier life!

We invite you to learn all about Life’s Abundance by viewing the Top Frequently Asked Questions customers have asked us here.

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