In Loving Memory of Steve Irwin “The Crocodile Hunter”

The entire world is deeply saddened by the sudden and tragic loss of Steve Irwin, also known as the Crocodile Hunter. Steve was one of the world’s most passionate animal conservationists. He was killed Monday, September 4th, 2006, during a filming expedition on the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia, while swimming over a stingray, and was stung by it’s barb in his chest.

I, for one, cannot even grasp the pain his wife, Terri, his two beautiful children, and all his family and friends are going through. This is completely unimagineable! As many others, I’ve always believed Steve to be invincible, as he was such a professional and had such a passion for animals. I’m still in shock! Nothing has affected me so much since the death of Princess Diana.

I would like to extend my heartfelt condolences to Terri, Bindi, Baby Bob, the entire Irwin family and all those so close and dear to him. Steve will always hold a special place in the hearts of my children and myself, and will never be forgotten.

On a lighter note, I do know that ALL the animals at Rainbow Bridge have welcomed Steve with open paws, claws, flippers, trunks, wings, bodies and hearts, and I believe he is very much at peace in his new home! 🙂

I invite you to share your feelings and post your respects to the Irwin Family below. Nothing touches the heart more than kind words of appreciation.

God Bless the beasts and the children, and Steve Irwin…

Contribution links:

Wildlife Warriors
The family wishes to advise that all donations go to Wildlife Warriors Worldwide LTD.
Click here to make a donation.

If you’d like to send a condolence card to Steve Irwin’s family (he is survived by a wife and two children), you may do so at this address:

The Steve Irwin Family
Australia Zoo
Glasshouse Mountains Tourist Rte
Beerwah QLD 4519

A new version of the Rainbow Bridge Poem, dedicated to Steve Irwin.

Rainbow Bridge is a place of both peace and anticipation as departed pets await their beloved owners. There are plenty of things to keep them contented while they wait: trees you can’t get stuck in, endless meadows, splashing streams, thickets perfect to hide in for pounce-attack games.

But one day the residents noticed some rather…unusual newcomers arrive. The koalas and the kangaroos slipped in rather quietly, but then came the bearded dragons, the skinks and the goannas. The influx of snakes startled an entire family of cats up a tree. Pythons, cobras, tiger snakes, brown snakes and even fierce snakes.

There were so many at one point, it seemed the ground itself was alive with writhing. A burly wombat shouldered his way through the crowd and plopped down in a shady spot, barely missing a Jack Russell terrier who yapped indignantly as he abandoned his position. And then the crocodiles showed up…

Finally, a Great Dane managed to get up enough nerve to approach one of the reptillian giants. “Um….excuse me,” he said hesitantly. “But why are you all here?” The croc dropped her jaw and laughed. “Same as you, mate,” she said. “Waitin’ for someone who loved us.”

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19 Responses

  1. Robert Stephens says:

    Steve came into our homes and our hearts through the television. He was his fathers best buddy. Thought taken from all of us for too soon, his spirt with live on inside all that care.

  2. Barb Beck says:

    He will be missed. Such a tragic and heartbreaking loss to the animal world.

  3. Barb Spencer says:

    Steve and his family came into our living room and into our hearts. He will be missed not just by family and friends but by the millions of people who watched him and all the animals who he saved. He was a great man who I am sure god is very pleased with. Passion ,love and the desire to share made him stand out and be loved by millions……he will be missed……I am sorry for this loss to the Irwin family. May God Bless you and Protect you.

  4. Linda Bibbs San Diego, CA USA says:

    Steve was absolutely one of a kind–irreplaceable, really. His enthusiasm and zest for life was a model for us all to live life to the fullest. He will live on in our hearts. Sincere heartfelt condolences to the family.

  5. dorothy chancey, turtletown, tn says:

    Dear Terri,

    My husband and i watched Crocodile Hunter and loved it. Steve will be greatly missed. For you and the children, family, and friends it will be really hard. Our heart felt sympathy, thoughts, and prayers are with you and may God help you through it.

    Sincerely and with our love,
    Dorothy and James Chancey
    Turtletown, Tenn. 37391-4811

  6. Carol Klanchar says:

    My heart is very saddened by Steve’s death. My 11 year old Daughter and I watched his shows together. She is also very upset and shocked by his death. It is such a tragedy that this has happened to such a loving guy and wonderful family. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Rest in Peace Steve, we will miss you dearly.

  7. Dianne Baldassano says:

    I am still in shock. We all thought Steve was invincible because of his skill and knowledge of animals. We all feel cheated. How could God take Steve away and deprive Bob of being mentored by his father so he and Bindy can run the Aust. Zoo someday?
    Such a loss to his father, wife and children. Bob Sr. just lost his wife tragically in 2000. So unfair and senseless… I will not get over this for a long time. I’m angry Steve was taken so soon with so much more to give….

  8. mike ward says:

    I will miss you Steve you were cool to me.I bet it was hard to catch all those dangress animals.

  9. julie Nabb says:

    I am so shocked and so very saddened by Steve’s tragic, untimely Death! I have ALWAYS LOVED watching the Crocidle Hunter and I’m 43! I miss him and will for years to come as he was such a wonderful light in this darkened world! I pray for Terri, The Kids and his Dad……… Only God can help them through this! He was and still is ONE OF A KIND!!!!!!!!!!!! I so wish that I could have met him! also, I LOVE Steve and Terri’s Love affair………. that is so very rare especially today! God knows that my heart breaks for her! I’m here for you and your family, Terri……….please always remember that even tho you do not know me. May God Bless you and Your Family.
    Love and Prayers,
    Julie Nabb

  10. Vibeke says:

    In loving memory of Steve Irwin.
    I am oh so sad and totaly in shock. I have always loved watching Steve and Terri in action, this may be the biggest loss since Diana, and he will surrely never be forgotten.
    Steve is the reason why i today love the wilderness, and all the dangerous animals.
    I have filled my livingroom with pictures of wild animals.
    I must tell you Terri, that you are in my heart every single day and my heart is broken for you.
    If you ever need a shoulder to cry on i will surrely be there for you, remember that Terri.
    Steve will be missed so dearly and i will be in shock for a very very long time.
    May god bless you Terri and remember that you were his loved one, i am sure he will be watching over you from heaven, you have definitly deserved that.
    you will be in my heart Steve-o and Terri too.
    Love and prayers for you and your loved one.

  11. Cliff says:

    Steve was one of those special blokes who never met a stranger!!! He lived his life the way he saw fit and balanced it with the rigors of manageing a buisiness and tending to his family. He was an unsung hero to animals all over the world, and a bonafied hero to the humans of the world. He will be greatly missed!

    The copy cats are good, but NO Steve Irwin! God Bless you Steve, cross over Rainbow bridge and be with SUi again!

  12. Bernice Braley says:

    Dear Irwin family: We watch the show ever day and Steve will be forever missed. He was a one in a million guy. I love the show. Bindi you are a brave girl you dad would be pround of you. Go for the dreams. God Bless you all… You are in our thoughts. I wish I could met you all you are a great people.

  13. Samantha Hawkins says:

    dear irwin family my condolence to your family i am only 14 and i used to whatch his show every day if i had one wish it would be to give my life up so he could return
    in the loving memory of steve irwin
    love samantha hawkins

  14. gabriella says:

    dear irwin family,
    you have done some much for the passed few years so i would like to say Congratulations

  15. Skye says:

    hi i am Skye i am so sorry to hear about your dads death i used to watch all his films I do watch Bindi the Jungle Girl

    From skye

  16. Harold Willcut says:

    I have watched every show with steve and have wished that I could have went with him on most all his trips they must have been great good luck and keep his dreams going if you all need help id be more than happy to help yours truely Harold Willcut 27 from florida

  17. Michaela says:

    Hi i really miss steve as well
    I want him
    back tooo he will be in our hearts for ever

    WE LOVE YOU STEVE!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. melissa guercio says:

    I can not even express the termendous loss we have felt since steve’s program has ended!!!! we love the crockodile hunter and miss him terribly!!!! Thanks for the year of entertainment and education, but most of all, thank you for dedicating your life to the research of animals and love of what you do!!! also, thank you for your family continuing your love of nature!!!! you have always been the best and always will be!!! my kids and family truely love you and your family…thanks for everything!!!

    love the Guercio’s

  19. Elijah scott says:

    may the legends of him never die

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