National Pet Dental Health Month

Smiling Dog TeethIt’s February, which means it’s once again National Pet Dental Health Month. Current estimates show that approximately 75% of cats and dogs over the age of three suffer from poor dental health. Oral disease represents the most commonly diagnosed health problem for companion animals. While considered an inconvenience by many pet parents, proper dental care is a necessary component for overall health, as oral disease can lead to internal organ damage.

Pet parents need to be on the lookout for several dental disease warning signs, including …

* Tartar build up
* Receding, bleeding or swollen gums
* Discolored or fractured teeth
* Foul breath
* Changes in eating habits
* Excessive drooling
* Sores on the lips or gums

If you note any of these symptoms, it’s imperative that you schedule an appointment with your vet to discuss possible courses of action.

The best way to prevent onset of oral disease and infection is through brushing teeth with a pet-approved toothpaste. Don’t, under any circumstances, use human toothpaste, as dogs and cats swallow toothpaste, and they cannot process the chemicals in our over-the-counter brands. While committing to brushing your companion’s teeth regularly will go a long way to prevent dental disease, you should also …

* Encourage play with toys that will help to abrade debris from teeth and gums
* Provide dental chews to reduce the build up of plaque and tartar
* Schedule regular dental exams with your veterinarian
* Feed food that promotes a healthy digestive system

Did you know that certain breeds of dogs and cats are genetically predisposed to dental illnesses? According to recent data, the Maltese ranks highest among purebred dogs with persistent tooth and gum problems. In the cat world, the Siamese and the Abyssinian, charming as they are, both have serious tooth problems and often teeth pulled during their youth.

The quality of your pet’s food can also contribute to the onset of periodontal disease. Low quality foods can cause gastrointestinal problems, which can lead to bad breath. Easily digestible foods like Life’s Abundance not only provide high-quality nourishment, but also work to promote intestinal health.

At Life’s Abundance, we take dental health seriously. As pet parents ourselves, we know how difficult it can be to establish a consistent oral care routine. That’s why we’ve developed several products to address these critical issues, before they become major problems.

Life's Abundance Dental Foam for Dogs

Dental Foam for Dogs


Life's Abundance Dental Wipes for Dogs

Dental Wipes for Dogs

With Life’s Abundance Dental Wipes and Foam Breath Freshener, you can maintain a healthy routine without your companion animals even noticing! These formulas are the ultimate breath enhancer and dental health promoter, perfect for dogs.  And you can have peace of mind using them because they’re completely free from harsh ingredients like parabens and polysorbates, as well as artificial colors and flavors.

As veterinarians will tell you, almost as important as brushing is friction from chewing something tough but malleable (actual bones are not generally recommended). The majority of chewable “bones” for dogs on the market today are made from rawhide, which is difficult to digest and can cause severe intestinal problems. But there are healthier options!  Porky Puffs and Buffalo Bully Sticks are excellent alternatives to rawhide as they are nutritious and highly digestible.

Life's Abundance Gourmet Dental Treats for Dogs

Gourmet Dental Treats

Every now and again, we like to reward our beloved pups with a special indulgence. But you may have noticed that many of the popular treats on the market are laden with refined sugars, chemical preservatives, and artificial flavors and colors. Once again, Life’s Abundance has got your pet dental needs covered! Our Gourmet Dental Treats are made with a special blend of harvest grains, creamy peanut butter and natural honey. This unique recipe includes hefty helpings of calcium and phosphorus to support healthy teeth and bones. We’ve also added parsley to sweeten the breath. With Gourmet Dental Treats, you’ll be helping to support dental health and treating your dog to scrumptious oven-baked goodness!

Life's Abundance Buffalo Bully Sticks

Buffalo Bully Sticks

As you can see, just by taking a few simple steps, you can help your companion animal enjoy a lifetime of dental health.

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