Rimadyl – Most Arthritic Dogs Do Very Well Except Ones That Die

Most Arthritic Dogs Do Very Well On Rimadyl,
Except Ones That Die

Article Courtesy of Chris Adams
March 13, 2000

You might call it a made-for-TV drug. Approved for human use in the U.S. but not marketed that way, an arthritis medicine called Rimadyl languished for nearly 10 years in developmental limbo, then emerged in a surprising new form: Instead of a human drug, it was now a drug for arthritic dogs. And it became a hit.

With the aid of slick commercials featuring once-lame dogs bounding happily about, Rimadyl changed the way veterinarians treated dogs. “Clients would walk in and say, ‘What about this Rimadyl?’ ” says George Siemering, who practices in Springfield, Va.

Today, those TV spots are gone. The reason has to do with dogs like Montana.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Rimadyl is so scary. I give my dogs CanineActiv for arthritis. Works great and no side effects.

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