Voluntary Recall Pro-Pet Adult Daily Vitamin Supplement for Dogs

United Pet Group Voluntarily Recalls Pro-Pet Adult Daily Vitamin Supplement for Dogs Because of Possible Salmonella Health Risk

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE –- June 22, 2010 – United Pet Group, Cincinnati, Ohio is voluntarily recalling all unexpired lots of its PRO-PET ADULT DAILY VITAMIN Supplement tablets for Dogs due to possible Salmonella contamination.  The Food and Drug Administration is aware of this recall.

The product was sold nationally at various retailers.  The product comes in 100-count white plastic bottles with a light blue label, and UPC code 26851-01800.  These products are being removed from retail stores and consumers should immediately stop feeding these supplements to their pets.  The affected products are those with expiration dates on or before “06/13”. The expiration date can be found imprinted vertically on the right side of the product label.

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3 Responses

  1. Tavie's Mom says:

    My Westie just died of acute renal failure with blood values skyrocketing that 3 vets could not explain after treatment. He consumed many of the Pet Pro Senior and Adult Dog Vitamins, as these were the only things he would eat. I thought I was providing him added nutrition. My vet will be investigating with the company, as he too is concerned that this is what cause the swift illness and resulting death of our baby.

  2. Mary Brennan says:

    My Cavilier King Charles Toy Spaniel died on May 28,2010 of Renal Failure. It was a long and painful death, the last of which he spent in the vet hospital with IV’s in his leg. We had been using Pet Pro adult vitamin supplements daily for the last year, I still have a bottle of the recalled product. He was a precious little dog, so beautiful and smart and it makes me SICK because I thought I was giving him extra nutrition when in fact I contributed to his demise.

  3. Tavie's Mom says:

    Mary B, it sounds as if both of us have lost our babies due to these vitamins. I am so very sorry for you loss. I feel the same way you do. Would you be able to contact me? suzelw@yahoo.com

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