Gaines Burgers Age Test – Do You Remember These?

Comment below if you remember these!  WOW….times sure have changed!!! My mother fed these to our dog…wish I would have known then what I know now!!!  So many years later, and my mind can still ‘smell’ them!  lol

Since I don’t go down the dog food aisle anymore, does anyone know if Gaines Burgers are still on the shelves?


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9 Responses

  1. Mapleleaf65 says:

    I dont see anything wrong in feeding pets with beef burgers

    Trust me when I say that when I was small and we had pets we did not have special dog food per se, my mom fed our 2 large dogs what WE ate and they thrived beautifully each living till the age of 16 to 18-They enjoyed spiced food too -Except for fish unless it was cleaned off the bones they ate everything

    We also did not take the pets for shots! Yeah I cant believe this myself! nor did they have vets as they have now. Vets were for farm animals! not small pets
    If the dog had constipation the remedy was caster oil ( us too) BTW when their chow was cooked in later years when we had 4 more it was rice, beef mince, vegies,together with onions potatoes garlic too-Oh yeah those were the days my friends

    • Jamie Vaccaro says:

      I used to spend weekends with my uncle and aunt. They would feed their dogs Special Cuts and Gaines Burgers. Seriously, I can still smell them.

      Now my mother and grandmother fed our poodles rice, chicken, green beans and peas and they too thrived. One lived to be 16 and the other 19, very healthy until the end. Like your family pets, mine never got shots either. They lived healthier than we did, I think.

      These days, we have 1 :Lhasa Apso, who eats the same as he fur brothers and sisters who were before her, and I never miss her Heart guard. She’s 11 and is the spunkiest and most energetic older dog I have ever seen. She gets an allergy shot every other month and never misses her yearly shots. Yeah, I miss the good ole’ days.

  2. Ekusabetg says:

    I remember those days, Mapleleaf! But we did finally (1960) go to the vet and our Irish Setter got cardiac medicine that was being tested for humans! We got Mikie for another year with that and fluid draining from her heart sac every three months. Still, today the food is better (if you’re careful about the ingredients). And vets? They’re in the business to make money.
    Not good.

  3. carla brown says:

    are you saying that these are worse for our dogs compared to the crap they sell in the grocery stores?

  4. Mapleleaf65 says:

    True these days most vets are there to make money , its like a conveyor belt syndrome! Anyways as long as we owners know when a vet is reqiuired then our pets and us are safe- we lost our beautiful Dalmatian who did not have a days illness, she was 12 years old but vitality of a 2 year old -Took her to a SouthEast Asian country( relocared for work) in 2001and the vet there said Oh have you given her heart pills? No- So he started her on it, we then, did not know that heart pills are given to a dog right from the start and not when its old like ours and with 9 months she went downnhill
    well one lives and learns
    Wishing all oet owners and pets a happy healthy life always

  5. sandy weinstein says:

    is this an oldie, how far we have come in taking care of our children better

  6. Boris Merman says:

    I remember Gaines-Burgers and Special-Cuts dog food that came in pouches in the 1970’s. They were 100% artificial and full of sugar, corn-syrup, salt, fake-colorings, preservatives and chemicals. They were made to emulate meat, but were really nothing more than artificial junk for dogs ! Once I tasted those “Special-Cuts”, that looked like fresh pork and beef ends from the butcher. They tasted like sweet corn-syrup chunks of toxic waste ! The dog ate it….but did he have a choice ?

  7. Jeffrey S Miller says:

    Had an English Bulldog who ate Gaines burgers all his life. Ended up getting cancer. Always wondered if there was a correlation.

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